Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts

Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts

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Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts – There are many facts and myths that surround the casino slot machine. On this article, we will try to give explanations on how slot machine really work and what processes really happen inside the machines. The logic that functions behind the machines are really mysterious at first but a thorough digging might give players some tips on what they should do to avoid further losses.

Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts

Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts
Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts
  1. The longer the jackpot remains unclaimed, the higher the probability of getting it

This is a myth. Slot machines are built to provide equal chances of getting a win every time it is played. Meaning, for every round, whether a prize is won or not, the chances of winning on the second round resets as if you are playing the first time. This is because slot machines are equipped with an RNG (Random Number Generator) that, from the name itself, randomizes the combinations every round or spin. That way, every round or spin gives every player who will sit on the machine equal chances.

  1. The faster your spin, the higher the chances winning

The only thing that gets fast if you play or spin rapidly is your spending of money. Whoever sits to play has an equal chance to get the prize so when your turn to sit comes, don’t be too quick to spin because just like on our first point, the only thing that gets fast is your spending of money. So just sit down and enjoy the game and do not rush things.

  1. It is better to play slots at night

Some people think that playing at night give them better chances of winning because of the increased number of players playing – this is totally untrue. Slot machines are built to give equal possibilities every time. If people are thinking that there is a difference in playing at night compared in the day, there must be something wrong with casinos and online casino websites. Casinos pay a lot of money for a state-of-the-art equipment and software that are fool-proof and will provide the fairest results.

  1. No two slot machines have the same payout percentage

This is a fact. Slot machine brains are unique and each has its own Random Number Generator that provides 100% control of the game. This simply means that each machine generates its own random output that preserves the fairness on every slot machine a player will sit on.

  1. Progressive slot versus normal online slots

If a person wishes to play for long hours but has limited funds, he should play the normal slots because this type of slot pays out only on a per round basis, meaning, the amount you chip in on a round corresponds to certain fixed prizes. But if a person wishes to go for big time jackpot, it is advised to play the progressive slot because the extra money paid is put in the jackpot prize.

  1. Slot Tournaments

It is true that it is more economical, in the long run, playing in slot tournaments than in single games. This is because in tournaments, a player only pays a once-off amount and then he can now play several games – just like paying an entrance fee to a ride-all-you-can theme park. Compared to playing single games, you pay every time you play a round. But again, this is in the long run only, if you wish to play longer periods, better look for a tournament.

It is always best to understand something before you dwell with it. Just like in every casino game, it is always smarter to know the principles behind every rules and games to avoid too much losses and keep the game enjoyable. Now that you know the Casino Slot Machine Myths and Facts, go play your next game now!

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