The Guideline to Play Domino QiuQiu

The Guideline to Play Domino QiuQiu

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The Guideline to Play Domino QiuQiu – There are several procedures or guideline to play Domino QiuQiu that must be followed by the player before playing Domino QiuQiu. In a set of cards Domino QiuQiu, there are 28 pieces of cards that have different numbers that can be played from 2 to 6 players, the numbers on the card illustrated with dot or circle with red color.  The players of Domino QiuQiu will be distributed as many as four cards, and the player who has the highest card value will come out as the winner.

The Guideline to Play Domino QiuQiu

How to calculate the number in game Domino QiuQiu is from the four cards dealt must be combined, of which four will be two pairs of cards with a combined value. The total value of the card Domino QiuQiu can be seen from the two cards whose value totaled and the numbers taken only its hind parts that is if the sum of the two cards is more than 10 or maybe more than a total of 20, the value of the numbers drawn just behind it.

Each player will be dealt with a three card Domino QiuQiu in the beginning of the game, then on the first game, when the cards have been dealt as many as three pieces on all the players, then the players can start betting with each other and complaint by raising the nominal stakes to capture all four cards which are actually the last card. If one of the players does not want to follow the amount of the bet proposed by the other players, the players are not automatically entitled to get all four cards and direct stated to lose.

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In the second change may be happened when all the players get the fourth card or the last card. Then the last betting can be done to determine who will be the winner. The winner in the card game Domino QiuQiu will be determined from the numerical value of the combination pairs with the highest value. If the game Domino QiuQiu ended in a series or draw, then the winner will be determined in the manner complained of custody, from the highest caste in every player.

The Guideline to Play Domino QiuQiu
The Guideline to Play Domino QiuQiu

And if there is no caste of custody between the players, the other way is determined by looking at the player which has the highest spheres owned by the player. In card game Domino QiuQiu, there are four kinds of card values that fall into the highest category that usually called special card.

First special card

First special card is card of six God with the highest value number in Domino QiuQiu. In Domino QiuQiu, the total card is 28 pieces of card, there are only 4 cards with 6 dots.

Second special card

The second special card is the balak card. Four balak cards are four cards that owned by the only one player.

Third special card

The third special card is the pure card. Pure cards are the four cards owned by the player altogether on the dots, and it is at least there are 40 dots or circle on the card. But there is also the concept of calculation that uses the concept of the pure card with 39 up to 41 dots.

Fourth special card

The last special card is the small pure card. Small pure cards are the four cards that belong to the player with the total amount of the value of the card is not more than 9 dots or circle. The last will be declared as the winner is the player with the smallest card or the cards that run out. The basic rule in the guideline to play Domino QiuQiu is not absolute. Each region has different rules, but basically, the basic guideline is similar.

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