Tibia Online Game Review

Tibia Online Game Review

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Tibia Online Game Review – Tibia is an exciting multi player role playing games created in 1997 by CipSoft GmnH. This is considered as one of the oldest MMORPGs or multi player role playing games. Despite the fact that the online games today are now full of new features when it comes to games. Read on this article to find out the reason why Tibia is still one of the most wanted online games.

Tibia Online Game Review

Tibia Online Game Review
Tibia Online Game Review

Tibia online game is a 2D game that uses click and point control method. The maps for this game has textured grids, wherein your character will have the best chance to move in one square in any directions such as right, left, up or down. The visuals may not be the best when you compare this game to high-end online games these days. On the other hand, what makes Tibia a standout is the unique charm of this game.

Tibia mimics the old RPG fantasy games that are common in consoles like NES in visual presentation and gameplay, which makes this to provide a retro feeling or experience. Even though some may enjoy this throwback game, some who are already accustomed with 3 dimension games might be just feel frustrated. On the other hand, it is still one of the best online games for people who love the older look and feel of RPG and it can only be obtainable through Tibia.

The only thing that lacks Tibia is the fluidity the way 3D can offer. When it comes to clicks in Beta browser doesn’t seem to have the best feature as you still need to wait patiently. The positioning seems to be limited as it will require you to make certain clicks. It will require one to make certain clicks in order to pick up certain items for your character to use and effectively perform particular abilities.

Nostalgic Game

For some, nostalgia is just the only reason why still so many people loves to play this game. This is because that it is clear that any individual who wants to play this game will require tons of patience. The traveling rate of this game is a bit slow especially during the beginning. The game will just progress on later part, which will require effort and time.

Most of the controls of Tibia is basically controlled with the use of the mouse and several actions that will require you to right click the menu, which will crop up when being interfaced with objects in the world of Tibia. Items and abilities could be assigned to action bars that are positioned within the game screen respectively.

Starting the Game

Once you log-in for the game for the first time, a sequence of tutorial quests and missions will be introduced to you this historic and magical world. However, one can only have the chance to select his character class on the level eight and you have four options such as Knight, Sorcerer, Druid and Knight. Just like most of the MMOs, the main goal or objective of this game is to gain experience and increase in level. Additionally, generally, there are several skills that could be mastered, which will depend on what type of weapon you have selected

Game Proper

When it comes to the game proper, the Tibia combat is somewhat similar to the EVE Online game. Tibia’s user interface has numerous panels and each one consist of information and actions about the game. The panel of the game is also full of names of opponents within the areas.

When you click the name of the opponents, it will initiate a combat. Even though, the combat scene is not as excellent as others, it is still an incredible option as it offers flexibility. Playing Tibia is just easy and you just have to follow the step-by-step process in order to succeed or get the best opportunity to make it big.

Sound Issues

It is typical for most MMO fans to turn the mute option when playing the game for them to have their preferred soundtrack. On the other hand, when it comes to Tibia, you don’t have other option. Meaning to say, there’s no available audio. Originally, some thought that this is just a minor glitch but no, the makers of this game does not use any sound. This is a fully silent world to be in. On the other hand, despite of this glitch, some are still considering this game because of its unique charm.

On the good note, Tibia online game is all free and all you need to do is to create an account and login to the site of the game in order for you to play it effectively. On the other hand, for some who want to have upgraded characters, one will be required to upgrade the account in order to give the players the best opportunity to enjoy the game more and uncover the world of Tibia.

Tibia online game also takes a unique approach to have an ideal interaction. Meaning to say, one will not just have the chance to collect the tasks, complete the quest logs and others. You are also encouraged to have the best conversation with non-player. Tibia is definitely a great game that you can enjoy.

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